Interactive Fiction

I coauthored two IF games. One is in English, the second in German.

The first one, Dr. Kong in: Plan DSDS From Practice Space, was written for an IF event Munich culture collective dept. of volxvergnuegen did in May 2011. The official page can be found at It is also available as a physical product with a DVD and a couple of feelies.

Our second game, Dr. Kong in: Exploding Poodle Inevitable, is a submission to the first ‘Herbstlaub’ German IF competition. The page for the competition can be found on this very same webspace under The great has both submitted games ready for online play.

The third installment of the series is currently in development and will probably feature a Moog Synthesizer.

Wir planen regelmäßige Treffen zum kollektiven IF-Spielen, wenn du Interesse hast, drop me a line at if ÄT stereosanctity DOTT org.